Ductwork Fabrication Services | Kenosha, WI

Efficient Residential & Commercial Ductwork Fabrication

At Kenosha Heating & Cooling, we have affordable and efficient ductwork fabrication options for your home or building. Our team can handle industry stainless steel or galvanized sheet metal fabrication when you need repairs or replacements.

24/7 Emergency Service 365/yr

AC Repair & Installation

Furnace Repair & Installation

Fair Pricing & Financing Available

Ductwork Fabrication Services | Kenosha, WI

Save Time & Money By Letting Us Handle Your Ductwork Fabrication Services

Stop wasting time trying to repair the ductwork at your home or commercial property. Instead of shutting down your business for repairs, or trying to patch your air ducts, let our technicians efficiently replace the sheet metal. We perform complete ductwork fabrication services.

We’ll Perform Repairs Off-Site

Efficient Services With Little Disruptions To Your Home or Business

Our technicians won’t disrupt business at your commercial property, or interfere with your home life for residential repairs. We work off-site so you can keep performing business as usual during ductwork fabrication services.

AC Repair Near Kenosha

AC Repair & Installation

Get your air conditioning fixed right away.

Furnace Repair Near Kenosha Wisconsin

Furnace Repair
& Furace INstallation

Get yor furnace serviced, fixed or replaced.

Commercial HVAC Near Kenosha

Comercial HVAC

Learn more about our Commercial HVAC Services.

Ductwork Fabrication Services | Kenosha, WI

We Offer Customization

We offer convenient options to customize your sheet metal fabrication. Our experts work closely with you to ensure you get the results you need in your ductwork.

Ductwork Fabrication Services | Kenosha, WI

We Offer Full Ductwork Fabrication Services

Whether you need commercial ductwork, full build outs, square ducts and fittings, rooftop unit drips, and more, our experienced technicians can get the job done!

We Take on Complex Projects

Think your sheet metal fabrication project is too complex? It’s not! We take on projects of all sizes and offer customized solutions to meet your needs.

We Meet Your Expectations

We hire experienced technicians and use the top resources to ensure we complete projects accurately and efficiently to meet your expectations.

We Always Show Integrity

A locally-owned company, we use integrity on every job. Our goal is to make our neighbors throughout Kenosha safe and comfortable.

Ductwork Fabrication Services | Kenosha, WI

We Eliminate Safety Concerns

Our experts perform ductwork fabrication services offsite. This allows us to keep your business and home safe. Instead of using your property as our workplace, where scraps can be present and other safety concerns can arise, we instead work in a controlled environment.

Experienced Sheet Metal Fabrication Services Near Kenosha, WI

Expert Ductwork Fabrication Services

When you need to repair the ductwork in your HVAC system, trust the work to our experts at Kenosha Heating & Cooling.

Our team of experienced technicians can save and you time and money by performing the work for you - and doing it offsite. Instead of disrupting your business or your household, we’ll do the work at our shop. This increases your safety by avoiding any scraps or obstacles in your workplace or home.

We take on projects of all sizes, and we perform the work on time and on budget! Call us today to schedule an appointment for ductwork fabrication services near Kenosha, WI.

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